Drinks Packages

Reception drinks are an important part of your wedding, they help welcome your guests and create a relaxed atmosphere.
Our service offers flexibility allowing you to choose from simple arrival drinks to fully comprehensive packages which include the table and toasting drinks. Details of our standard packages are available below, however it is also possible to 'mix and match', selecting options across several packages to create one that suits your tastes.

All of our packages include quality glassware, professional serving staff as well as the ice and garnishes.

 Take a look at our unique pay monthly instalment plan to find out how you can spread the cost of your package.

Drinks Packages (click on each one for full details).


Arrival Drinks 
  £5.95 per adult guest.

The Calamino Package

Reception package. £9.95 per adult

The Corte Alta Package
Reception package. £14.95 per adult

The Craft Package
Reception package. £17.95 per adult

The Champagne Package

Reception package. £19.95 per adult

The Open Bar Option
Prices from £16.50 per head

Alternative Packages
“Buy the Bottle” – Select your own wine from our extensive wine list. Prices are by the
bottle. Wines can be purchased on a sale or return basis. Please ask us for a copy of the
wine list.
Wine by the bottle packages include free glass hire.

Glass Hire Package
Glasses - Provide your own wine and reception drinks and hire our wedding day glasses
from as little as 25p per glass. There are no additional charges for glasses returned dirty. Please contact us for a quotation.

Service Package
Staff – Hire staff to serve your own reception drinks. From £10.00 per hour per staff
member. Please ask us for a quotation.